Welcome – have a look around….


Welcome to Domaine du Sourire, make yourself at home, relax on the sofa with your favourite beverage and have a look around our complex. And then stop by the website,  for more information if you like what you see.

An early picture of the courtyard entering through the front gates, not quite ready for opening to guests…almost


Come across the courtyard looking back towards the front gates viewing the Games room and the front of”Le Faon” then around the back.

Staying around the back view of “Le Faon” taking in the cool of the pool. Notice the ramp which makes this pool accessible for wheelchair users.
Imagine a lazy, sunny afternoon lounging by the pool sipping iced tea or fruit punch…….


Next door to the rear of “Le Faon” and overlooking the pool is “Chez Sandy”, the home of the late inimitable Sandy Mair,  who dedicated the final years of his life to helping his friends Mark and Dawn and Teresa Camilli restore and build Domain du Sourire.  I may well share some wonderful anecdotes later about him, he was our dad.


Keeping to the back see the extensive grounds where there is lots to do for the children, including a wheelchair accessible swing and some lovely planting areas where you can plant your own flowers.


To the top of the grounds where there is plenty of space for a picnic or games. It will be Terry’s job to keep all the grounds well mown and weed free!




Inside the Sensory Room

And finishing this short tour with some views around the complex. Jackie and Terry are so excited for their new adventure to truly start when the make the final move in April 2018 to reside at Domaine Du Sourire and host at these wonderful holiday gites where they sincerely hope to see you.