Tips – moving home ..getting ready for the Removal

Jackie is organised, well actually she is an organiser, that is she knows how to organise well. Which, is a very good thing, seeing how she is planning to move from Northern Ireland to France.


She shared her top tips for organising the removal and Terry threw in a few manly practical tips as well.


1.    Declutter.


Do not be a hoarder. If you are not using it, sell it or throw it away. This is practical advice even if you are not moving, Jackie tells me, knowing I have no room for her to stay in my 3 bed room home which I share with me, myself and I.


Packing a removal van means that decluttering should be top of the agenda.



2.    Documents


Keep all your important documents together in a safe place and make sure it’s a place you will easily remember. The latter half of that tip is mine. I put things away safely. So safe even I don’t know where to find them!



Of course if you have followed tip 1 finding where you have stored the important documents together in a safe place will be much easier, I assume.




3.    Space saving


Leave drawers full. Unless it is breakable, Jackie advises, it can be left in the drawer so saving you packing space.


Be sure to simply secure your drawer with some tape, says Terry.


4.    Box it.


Fit items into boxes where possible and label each one according to the room you would like to put it in once you begin the joy of unpacking.

Terry thinks boxes are much easier to pack in the van and make sure you put the heavier items to the bottom, stacking lighter items on top. Terry loves health and safety, if you haven’t guessed.

5.    Dismantle it.


If you can dismantle your furniture, do it in advance of packing van day. Don’t forget to remove electric wiring from TV’s etc and Jackie added don’t forget to take a photo of the back of the TV or whatever so it makes it easy to rewire.


I suggested sticking little post its on …


6.    Remain calm.


Apparently moving home is extremely stressful. From the tips above I can see why. The thought of decluttering gives me palpitations…. Of course Jackie and Terry have it sussed, they ought to have.


“How many times have you moved house, Mr and Mrs Grant, I’ve ran out of fingers and toes to count on! “



Stay tuned for the journey, should be fun!