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The property: what is unique about Domaine du Sourire # 1


It’s time to answer that question that you are no doubt asking as you are searching for that perfect place to holiday, “Why Domaine du Sourire?”

What is it that is unique about these gites compared to all the others?

We are in an ideal location, we have magnificent views, Jackie and Terry live on site and are friendly hosts. So far so good but so the same as many others in the region (apart for Jackie and Terry who are unique!)

So, what is different at Domaine du Sourire?

I believe what is unique at Domaine du Sourire is the space Jackie and Terry have created so you can experience the best time of your lives whether you have a disability or not. It is their passion to ensure that the needs of a disabled child or adult are met as well as the needs of other family members.

One of the biggest differences is the accessibility for people with disabilities. Three of the 4 gites are fully wheelchair accessible, fitted with wet-rooms and specialist equipment is available or can be hired.

Even the swimming pool has a ramp which enables wheelchair users to safely and easily enter the water and have as much fun as others.


Holidays are fun, busy and noisy and fun, busy and noisy. Sometimes a different environment is much needed. The sensory room provides that often needed space to relax and reduce anxiety and stress in a safe place when it gets all too much.

At Domaine du Sourire Jackie and Terry recognise the world is changing and families or individuals who face disability deserve the same opportunities and they are proud that they provide that opportunity at Domaine du Sourire.

What makes Domaine du Sourire unique? The passion and commitment to ensure you have the best holiday experience whatever your ability. Jackie has said, “You are what makes us unique, each and every guest.”


  • Rosie

    How wonderful that you have put so much thought into the practicalities of welcoming guests who use wheelchairs. It can be difficult when converting existing buildings but you’ve proven it is not impossible.

    9:12 am December 18, 2019
  • Carol

    You have put so much thought into your holiday properties. It’s not aways easy to find suitable accommodation for families living with disabilities but yours look great.

    6:22 pm January 8, 2020
  • Jane Shulver

    I am so impressed by your holiday accommodation and the way you have set it up to be so inclusive. It is so unusual in France to find this level of facility.

    7:05 pm January 8, 2020
  • Phoebe | Lou Messugo

    What a wonderful set up you have, I’m very impressed with how accessible everything is, your pool in particular is truly unique!

    4:01 pm January 21, 2020