Summer salads 2 – Easy recipes for gite holidays

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Self catering enables families to immerse themselves in local produce and flavours.


But of course, on holiday you don’t want to do complex meals in a kitchen which has most likely basic facilities. It is a holiday home after all not a Michelin star restaurant’s kitchen.

Nor do you want to spend the hours cooking when you could be having fun with the family in the sun, splashing in the pool or playing games in the play area.

Why not get together with other families and have a bring your own food share? That way you get to experience much of the local food scene without having to do all the cooking or clearing up afterwards! And it’s a great way to make new friends and share some fabulous holiday moments all in our communal courtyard.


 So, what will you bring, why not one of our summer salads?


Ask us for some ingredients, we may have them growing in the garden.


Here is another cheeky salad recipe  – GOATS CHEESE, PICCOL0 TOMATOES AND BROAD BEAN SALAD WITH SCALLION(Spring Onion) CROUTONS from Tony O’Reilly – O’Reilly’s Recipes.
Don’t forget to check the blog for some others.

Serves 4