A magical kindness


Wow! The happenings at Domaine Du Sourire!

Last week we noticed strange rings on our lawn, so we set about investigating what it was all about.

Some said aliens, some said some sort of fungi, some said witches, dragons and yet some said fairies dancing has caused it.

Believing it to be a fairy ring we sat one night to watch and see and sure enough it was not long before we saw something. We weren’t sure at first what it was, it was like sparkling in the night around the ring, it looked so magical. Then it seemed to disappear, and we thought perhaps we had imagined it. But suddenly, a buzzing and a beating of wings and a tiny fairy landed on Terry’s knee. She told us her name is Titania and she was so gracious to allow us to interview her for our blog. Read on and see just what the fairies are doing here at Domaine Du Sourire.

Terry: So Titania, that is quite the famous fairy name in our world and a royal one at that, how did you come by your name?

Titania: I am a fairy princess, and my mother is Arabella queen of our fairy nation, we live in Butterfly Springs. We are descendants of the great Titania of whom you speak. So, my name is what you might say “a family name”.

Terry: O you say you are a princess, that’s exciting.

Titania: Yes, and one day I will govern our Fae folk in Butterfly springs or Champagne et Fontaine as you know it in your world. I am in training to be queen which is why I have been allowed to talk with you tonight.

Terry: You don’t say girl, what are you learning?

Titania: I’m learning how to be responsible. Being a fairy queen is a very responsible role, it involves looking after all the fae folk, young, old or in between, sick or well, at peace or war, o yes, it is a very responsible role.

Terry: O I see, and you probably get to make a few laws then do you!. Is there anything you would like to change when you are Queen?

Titania: Definitely, yes indeed I would, there are many things I would change and one of them is to rid this place of cats! My mother says they have a purpose but other than chasing us to eat us I have yet to see that purpose. Then I would encourage all the young fairies and the elves to dream big and work to make those dreams come true – even the silly ones like growing ice lollipops in the garden all summer long.

Terry: Mmmm. Sounds great. I’d dream of a garden of lollipops easy enough. So, is it true then that fairies love sugar?

Titania: Yes, yes yes! We love sugar but its not so good to have too much! (or so I’m told!) So, we eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits and we love cream and milk too when we can get past those pesky cats to get some!

Terry: Titania, tell me this then, why were the fairies dancing around and making rings in my garden?

Titania: Some things I cannot tell you, but so you know it is good. I am able to speak with you because you have been careful and not broken our circle, and well I’m soo excited… I will just tell you some of our dancing has to do with my getting engaged to my wonderful Aerwyna, he will be Lord of the fae folk and rule with me!

I should say no more!

Terry: Well congratulations girl, glad to hear that and thank you. Can I ask why you chose the garden of Domaine Du Sourire?

Titania: You can ask but I may not answer.

Terry: Oh, okay then. I’ll ask Jackie if there is anything else, she would like to ask you.

Titania: Well I didn’t say I wouldn’t answer! I was just testing you to see if you would be rude and push me for an answer. Many big people are very rude! But you have been patient and gracious to me, and this is the very reason we chose Domaine Du Sourire because of what you do here.

Let me explain, we Fae folk are kind, compassionate, gentle yet noble folk. We love family and community is so important to us. Helping others is what we small but not insignificant people do.

You are like that at Domaine du Sourire. We see your hospitality to all and especially to those who have a disability. We think your wheelchair swing and sensory room are just fantastic. So thoughtful. And kids, they will just have the best time here.

Because you put others first, we chose this place and even though you won’t often see us, we see you, you and your guests and the fun they have on holiday and we have such pleasure here too albeit mostly unseen!

Terry: Thanks me girl for those kind words, you’ve just made my night! And well, that’s good that you have fun, that’s what we want for people when they come here on holiday to relax, enjoy their time and make loads of happy memories to share with family and friends for years to come.  Do you think any of our guests will ever catch a glimpse of you?

Titania: Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps if a little one believes enough, perhaps!

Terry: I think your fiancée is waiting in you. He looks handsome.

Titania: Thank you, he really is, but I must fly now. Perhaps we will meet again, if it is to be so I will leave you a sign. You will know it. Goodbye Terry, Goodbye Jackie. Domaine du Sourire is now a friend of the Fae folk. Be blessed.

We waved her off as she disappeared as quickly and invisibly as she had appeared. How lovely to have met Titania and maybe if you are to come to Domaine du Sourire you might just catch sight of the fairies of Butterfly Springs but be careful to not break a step into their fairy rings.

PS Titania said we were not allowed photos, so we took some from google (free copyright of course) to brighten this article.

Gite holidays in France and a recipe for Brie

It is official. Jackie and Terry are in Champagne et Fontaine installing their worldly goods in their new home at Domaine du Sourire.


That is another story for another blog, so don’t be a stranger if you want to hear about the move, it is so exciting and funny and it’s not over yet!



While they are basking in the sun I thought you might enjoy a quick and tasty recipe – Deep Fried Brie with Cumberland Sauce – which you can enjoy at home or even when you are on holiday at Domaine Du Sourire.
Photo cred Tony O’Reilly: O’Reilly’s Recipes
It is that easy and you’ll love it even more if I tell you it can done and served in less than 20 mins.


 It’s awesome having a professional chef and presenter in the family, it means access to some lovely recipes. Thank you to Tony O’Reilly, Ireland for this recipe.
Enjoy, and look forward to your holiday and if you haven’t booked already don’t worry I think there are still a couple of spots left. Tuck in to this delicious appetizer or have it as a light lunch then get booking your gite at Domaine du Sourire.

Holiday? “No no , just can’t do it!”….. “Yes – You Can!”…..


Everyone needs a holiday, right!

We all deserve a break and most of us look forward to those few days away. But for some it can feel like a daunting task. Families or individuals with disabilities, who may have very specific needs, can feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of travelling and finding the right holiday.


At Domaine du Sourire we understand the importance of a holiday and particularly how significant it can be for families and individuals who live with a disability to enjoy a holiday and make those special memories.


The world is changing for families with disabled children or adults and Domaine du Sourire is proud to be a part of that.


Our ethos here is to create a space where you can experience the best time of your lives. We try to ensure that the needs of a disabled child or adult are met as well as the needs of other family members.


In three of our four gites, for complex health needs, we have facilities such as wet rooms for accessible showering, ground floor bedrooms and wheelchair accessibility. We have specialist equipment and if, we don’t have it, we help you to hire equipment such as bed hoist, specialist bed or portable oxygen tanks.
built by Domaine du Sourire by special request



We understand the, often, complex needs of autistic children and those with mental health conditions and we have designed our complex with these needs in mind.  One of our gites has a wonderful bedroom which you enter through a wardrobe, rather like entering Narnia! The kids just love this room.


Our sensory room is a relaxing environment that can help reduce agitation and anxiety in a tranquil and safe place. Yet it also can also draw and thrill the user through the interactive space full of light and sound stimulating reactions and encouraging communication.


The grounds are enclosed and extensive with no shortage of activities or space available for children including a wheelchair swing and sensory garden.


The pool is gated and fully enclosed so you can rest easy knowing your child can’t disappear on their own to explore. It is also fully wheelchair accessible and there is a ramp which makes it easier to get in and out of the water for everyone.


And for little ones we have a soft play area and for those not so little- a games room.


In short, something for everyone.


Each of the four gites are self-contained with fully furnished rooms including fridges, cooker and washing machines. The all important wifi is available too and the gites each have a private patio. However, we have often found that guests love to come together in the shared courtyard to chat and mingle. Jackie and Terry promise they may treat you to a communal BBQ or two. Who knows you might even be able to persuade them to do an Irish Stew night or a Curry night to spice the evenings up.


The owners of Domaine du Sourire live on site. They are Jackie and Terry and it is their pleasure to make Domaine du Sourire the most perfect destination for your family. They are available to discuss with you all your family’s needs and accommodate them where possible, so do get in touch.


Jackie says you can contact her on:



Facebook: Domaine du Sourire


Instagram: @gites_chill


Telephone: +44 7535 698909 / +33 545 248752
Email: hello@domainedusourire.com