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The property: What is unique about Domaine du Sourire #4


Will Domaine du Sourire suit me for a holiday, will it meet my wants and needs for that well-earned break and why should I choose Domaine du Sourire?

Jackie and Terry, the hosts at Domaine du Sourire, would answer that first question with a maybe. They passionately tell you that Domaine du Sourire has amazing unique things on offer that will readily meet a variety of expectations and needs for that perfect holiday, however, they equally readily admit it will not meet everyone’s desires and needs and it is wise to consider what it does offer before making a commitment to book.

Jackie advises that you should know what you want when you are choosing and yes it can be hard when so many offer the same thing: great location and stunning views, clean and comfortable gites with all mod-cons, lovely welcome pack and gated swimming pool.

So what sets Domaine du Sourire apart? What makes Domaine du Sourire unique?

Whether you are an individual or a family or a couple, there is something at Domaine du Sourire for you.

Each of the gites have their own private patio for those alone moments or family time but what is wonderful at Domaine du Sourire is the courtyard which all guests share. This is an amazing spot and Jackie and Terry have furnished it with a massive table – which was made by Jackie’s dad, Sandy, who has since passed away, (you can read about the beginnings and the hope of Domaine du Sourire in another blog) and he made it from the original barn doors.

The courtyard is a space where families and strangers can come together in the evening or the morning or during the day to share fun times, have bring-your-own meals together, or do a BBQ and put on some homegrown entertainment. You never know what talents others have as well as taking the opportunity to showcase your own. Jackie and Terry do love a karaoke and maybe you can persuade them to hold one. These are what makes the amazing holiday memories and where long-lasting friends are found.

Domaine du Sourire is a place where one visit is never enough, you will want to come back year after year.

What makes Domaine du Sourire unique? The passion and commitment to ensure you have the best holiday experience whatever your ability. Jackie has said, “You are what makes us unique, each and every guest.”

You can read about other facilities we offer on our website and check out the other blogs in the series.

The property, What is unique about Domaine du Sourire #3 – Groups and Retreats


Holidays should be wonderful experiences and going on holiday with a group be it family, friends or yet to meet friends is always a great idea.

If you are planning a holiday, retreat or business get together for a large group, Domaine du Sourire may be just the place to suit your needs. Of course, we offer the same as so many “gites” in this area such as stunning views, great location to get around the area from with so much to see and do, our accommodation is clean and comfortable with all the mod cons including free Wi-Fi and the hosts/owners live on site.

So, what is so unique about Domaine du Sourire that you want to choose it for your group holiday?


We have 4 gites, which can accommodate up to 24 people in total, situated together in our enclosed and extensive grounds. The advantage of Gite accommodation is you can have individual time too if the activities of the group all gets a bit much! 3 of our 4 gites are wheelchair accessible with downstairs bedrooms and wet-rooms making it accessible for all so no one needs to be excluded.

The layout of our site features a central courtyard with a large outdoor dining or meeting area; all 4 gites are situated around the courtyard with easy access. France, and the Dordogne, is known for its sunshine but we do occasionally get rain and if you have group activities planned then fear not, at Domaine du Sourire we have a room, which is wheelchair accessible, for your group’s activities should the weather make outdoors unpleasant! There a few smaller rooms which can on request be adapted to meet the needs of your group’s programme.



Relax on the sun loungers or cool down on those hot sunny days, splash and play in the large heated pool which has a ramp making it wheelchair accessible should that be required. The pool is enclosed and gated for safety and is set to the back of the gites in our extensive and beautiful grounds. For the more energetic we have a selection of bicycles available for you to take in the wonderful scenery surrounding you at Domaine du Sourire.

We live on site and it is our passion to ensure you have a great holiday or retreat and we know that planning for a group can be a daunting task! At Domaine du Sourire we know every group is different and the needs of groups vary so we would recommend you chat to us about your needs and we will endeavour to find a way to meet these where possible or if we can help in planning your itinerary with you we would only be glad to do so.
Recently we had a group of families come to stay for a week and as they travelled by bus it made getting the breakfast fresh croissants and pain au chocolat impossible for them. We organised a bread run to the local boulangerie every day, we also took shopping lists and did their shopping at the nearest supermarket. The lanes around our property are very narrow and it made it impossible for their bus to have room to park so we agreed on their behalf with the Mairie of our commune for the bus to be parked safely in the village.

All that is left is for you to book and enjoy! Going on a group holiday, retreat or get together is so much fun so go with the flow, let us take the strain while you enjoy each other’s company.
What sets Domaine du Sourire apart from the rest? The passion and commitment to ensure you have the best experience for every member of the group. Jackie, the owner of Domaine du Sourire, has said, “You are what makes us unique, each and every guest.”